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Opioid-Free and Opioid-Reduced Anesthesia - ASDA

Opioid-Free and Opioid-Reduced Anesthesia

Natalie Alsup, DDS

This session was recorded via live Broadcast on November 21, 2020. It is available for On-Demand CE.

This Broadcast is eligible for 1 unit On-Demand CE, provided a 70% or higher is obtained on the post session quiz.


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An introduction to perioperative alternatives to opioids for general anesthesia, and a discussion of how reduced opioid use impacts patient care.

Attendees will come away with:

  1. Understand and identify reasons to minimize opioids perioperatively
  2. Identify alternative intraoperative anesthetic plans to decrease the use of opioids
  3. Identify potential patient candidates for opioid free and reduced anesthesia
  4. Identify alternative pain management strategies to opioids
  5. Understand how opioid-free and opioid-reduced anesthesia can contribute to Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)



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