Covid-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic

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The ASDA continues to examine issues and considerations for dentist anesthesiologists and the dentists they work with during this time.  While recommendations and treatment strategies surrounding the administration of care for patients with severe COVID-19 illness in hospital settings have progressed, few recommendations are available concerning the administration of sedation and anesthesia care for potentially infectious yet asymptomatic patients undergoing emergent dental treatment in dental offices.  An ASDA committee has developed an interim guidance document which we hope will aid our dentist anesthesiologist members in providing treatment safely for patients with the highest need during this challenging time.  This interim guidance document will be updated as necessary, as recommendations and more information become available.

Many thanks to committee chair Dr. Andrea Fonner and members Drs. Steven Ganzberg, Mark Saxen and Braxton Henderson for their considerable efforts and hours spent in developing such a comprehensive document.

The ASDA will continue its updates regarding evidence-based epidemiologic and therapeutic studies as well as recommendations issued by the Federal Government, ADA, ASDA/APSF among other communities of interest.

ASDA Interim Guidance

ASDA Statement on COVID-19

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