Becoming a Dentist Anesthesiologist

Becoming a Dentist Anesthesiologist.

An in-demand specialty that keeps growing.

The demand for Dentist Anesthesiologists has never been greater. Our specialized services are significantly improving access to care for an aging population, kids with rampant caries, children and adults with special needs and many other patients who are challenging to treat.

Extensive education and intensive training.

To become a Dentist Anesthesiologist, you must be a licensed dentist and complete three years of postdoctoral training, specifically in dental anesthesiology. There are residencies in dental anesthesiology at schools across the U.S. and Canada.


Learn more about preparing for residency and the NBME CBSE

A rewarding career in so many ways.

The requirements are rigorous but the rewards are well worth it. As a Dentist Anesthesiologist, you’ll be providing vital care to under-served populations while building a meaningful and sustainable practice.

This was the best career move for me. I feel like I make a real difference every day.

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